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I stumbled across this site earlier this week and found it quite interesting. As usual the first thing i did was google the site to see the chances of it being a scam. Google didn't throw up much so i decided to deposit a few coins and see what happens.

The site is exactly what it says it is, simple proof of stake pool. I joined the discord channel and was pleasantly surprised to see the dev is very active.

I deposited a few thousand xp coins and was receiving 4-5 stakes a day. Depositing was simple enough but what i really wanted to know is how easy it is to get coins out. All Withdrawals are currently done manually by the dev and it took about 7 hours to receive coins to my wallet. Hopefully withdrawals will be automatic in the future.

Overall i'm pretty pleased i discovered this site and plan to continue using it. The site is easy to navigate and everything seems legit. I would definitely recommend for users who are not so clued up on POS or do not want to run a machine 24/7.

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Join Here - None referral link because I'm not greedy

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Looks like a great idea, although you are trusting your money to a third party. Be careful.

Yes this is the one thing that concerns me. That's why i wouldn't deposit more than i am comfortable losing

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