From 0 to 1 Bitcoin with No Investment Challenge. (days 13 & 14)

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Last weeks summary

From 0 to 1 Bitcoin with No Investment Challenge. Week 1 Summary

Day 13 (17th April)

I spent most of the day looking into other ways of earning and airdrops. I started using alongside everything else. Earnings aren't huge but i can use it most of the day while doing other things.

Looking into airdrops was so time consuming and most of these coins will not end up going very far. I think unless something jumps out at me i should avoid committing to much time to airdrops.

Day 14 (18th April)

The Electroneum mobile miner is having issues, it seems the pending balance is not being processed at the moment so anything i have earned since i last wrote about it is still in the pending balance. The earnings are up to about 11 ETN a day which is great but not so good if you cannot access them. Hopefully the devs will figure it out soon.

I made lots of withdrawals from various places today and should have it all in my wallets in the next 24 to 48 hours. I'm still trying to hit the minimum withdrawal on cointiply to confirm they are payout i hope to do this within the next week.

Current Goal - 0.025 Bitcoin - 40% Complete

As always thank you for any up-votes, follows or comments.

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Which phone you mine with?


Currently mining with a Galaxy S7, hashrate fluctuates between 35 and 50 hash per second.

Hey, just wanted to let you know I gave you an upvote because I appreciate your content! =D See you around


Thanks you

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