From 0 to 1 Bitcoin with No Investment Challenge. (days 11 & 12)

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Last weeks summary

From 0 to 1 Bitcoin with No Investment Challenge. Week 1 Summary

I decided not to do anything on Friday (day 9) and Saturday (day) other than 1 claim from each of the coinpot faucets so i could keep the daily bonus.

Day 11 (15th April)

I hit goal 3 of 0.0075 Bitcoin, it was a little later than i had hoped but happy i got there. I was relatively far from hitting the goal on Sunday but i had kept a few hours open to play the Steem Poker Leagues weekly 50 SBD freeroll. I managed to take 3rd for 4.5 SBD which pushed me over the target. For those who don't know the SPL is free and runs entirely on donations and rewards from posts. It's a cool little community so check them out - @SPL

Goal 3 - 0.0075 Bitcoin - 100% Complete

Day 12 (16th April)

I have noticed earnings are becoming more consistent. Sometimes when doing surveys for bitcoin it can be hit or miss and you may spend longer getting screened out than actually earning something. I'm starting to learn at what point it becomes worthless to keep trying. I spent most of the day trying to figure out how to organise my time better, give it a few days and i should have it down so i am maximising my earnings.

Goal 4 - 0.025 Bitcoin - 33% Complete

This next goal is significantly more than the previous ones i set. I think it's going to be harder and taker longer but i find the more i continue with this the more motivated i become to complete the challenge. As always any up-votes, follows and comments are greatly appreciated.

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