First 24 Hours of using Electroneum Mobile Miner - Here's What I Think

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Electroneum finally released their long awaited mobile miner yesterday. I have been using the mobile miner for the last 24 hours and here is my verdict on whether it is worth it.

The first thing to know about the miner is that it is not actually mining. This is a simulation of mining rather than actual mining. The app monitors your phone and assigns it a hash rate based on the available CPU power. ETN coin are then credited to your wallet.


Getting 34 h/s with my Samsung Galaxy S7

As your phone isn't actually mining it shouldn't drain your battery or heat up. After leaving the miner active overnight the app has only used 8% of my battery which is pretty good.



Earnings currently are very low. Something i have noticed is that occasionally the hash rate will drop dramatically despite the phone not being used.Hopefully this is either my phone being a pain or a small bug in the app that will be sorted over the coming weeks. It was predicted that you could earn a few dollars a month using the miner but it is to early to tell if this is true.

With the app not draining batteries or heating the phone up it is definitely worth using.

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Hi, thanks for the review. You say it doesn’t drain the battery, but does it slow down your phone at all? Also do you know if it is also available for IOS? thanks


No affect at all on phone speed. Looks like they are still developing the IOS app.



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I was waiting for that to check if it works... But doesn't really mining? How you get the rewards?? Without minng??