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The best faucet manager and no doubt the faucethub, she is dependably paid properly, her services is good. Used by thousands of users worldwide, and stands out among the competitors, the market.
It presents a complete structure with many good services, which makes it practical for both faucet owners and people who use the faucet.

How it works the user chooses a faucet of his preference makes the faucet requirement and yes that completed the values ​​automatically falls into the faucethub account. You can make several at the same time, and add a nice amount of satochis to your account.

The coins that faucethub works currently are 11 coins and they are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • BitCore
  • Blackcoin
  • Dash
  • Peercoin
  • Primecoin
  • Potcoin

You can find faucet that works with the 11 coins or only one, this depends very much on the owner of the faucet.

The faucethub have several services among all the main is the administration of values ​​of their work in faucets, we will list here all the services that it offers.

  • Exchenge
  • Forum
  • Games
  • Lottery
  • Wallet
  • Minig
  • Faucet list
  • Faucet owners support
  • Reference

All these services are quality services and support your progress with faucet, whatever.

If you intend to own a faucet, faucethub has all the tools to support and support you, between monitoring and safety. If you are interested I recommend youtube videos, and follow a step by step.

There are thousands of faucet scattered around the world, which works with faucethub support, you can find various website services that faucethub uses to make your payments. As games site, lotteries, ptc, mineg, these are the most common.

Avoid using faucet that accumulates the values ​​on the site itself, if a website of this that accumulates values, you can break a double loss of both time and value. Many scam sites take advantage of this system to determine a long amount to be paid, but that will never pay you, at any time it can break, or take a year to reach the amount that the faucet asks the minimum to be able to make your sake.

In this case to avoid perch, the most recommended is that you use faucet that pays you right away in the faucethub account.

What is the main purpose of making faucet, long term investment, where you will gain from valuing a particular cryptomoeda, there are faucet, which requires 1 click every 1 hour, and that does not interfere with your routine on the computer, if you use quite a lot of it daily. The timing is good the value of bitcoin is low, 1 bitcoin can reach up to $ 500,000.00 in the next few years.

[FaucetHub Link](http://faucethub.io/r/7611099)

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