Bringing blockchain tech to the Libertarian Party

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All for one and one for all! Thanks a lot for this great live post. I loved!

the faster the general population gets on-board with Bitshares, EOS, Steem and its family, the faster the world will become a much better place, through the magic of blockchain technology.

I think you underlined the essentials in here, great work and thanks again. I loved your passionate humble presentation.

Namaste :)

Totally agree...

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Happy to hear that you will be integrating blockchain technology with your campaign. I love the idea of using it for raising campaign funds, increasing transparency, and enabling people to have a vote in the direction you will be going. I've been watching you for quite of few years now, and I am happy to see how your activism has evolved.

Great video..OK I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHAT YOU SAID HERE!! I have been trying to explain blockchain technology to people for years and very few people grasp the concept and it's meaning..

so what? LOL So few understand how a computer works, but they enjoy the benefits and shell out the cash. Just the fact that censorship is thwarted, is enough to excite enough people.

Since the beginning of man, organization was required for survival...and organization could only be done through centralization due to logistic limitations.

Finally distributed ledger technology will be able to allow humans to organize without centralizing.

We are witnessing a new Dawn.

Just found your material @adamkokesh This is very exciting! So happy to find your material, followed!

libertarians in germany should on steemit asap as well

governments are as bad as problem when they want to give a solution to the problem!

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.

wow, this is definitely going to be awesome.
lemme try and get my copy

I was just recently intoduced to the libertarian party thanks to the greatest that never was (Ron Paul) since then politics is my cup of tea, if i see your name on the ballot you'll have my vote. Also hopefully Michigan can elect a libertarian governor this November and get Debbie stab em now out of the senate. Thanks for posting great content I dont upvote often but when I do I upvote you.... and like 3 other people lol.

brock. Where are you in MI? I'm in Lansing. ...and the local LP here is USELESS. ...which is sad, because it could be tapping into serious resources coming out of MSU.

kent city, grand rapids basically. I have justin amash as a rep so we got something right over here lol we just gotta get debbie stab em now out of the senate in nov

Yes. Amash is part of the reason I decided to come to MI back in '10. I first landed in Muir. But frankly, I'm done with the GOP. If Trump can't shake the tree and get rid of all the rotten fruit in the elephant tent, it's over. So far, he has been seriously weak... almost appearing compromised with something from Epstein's Fantasy Pedo Island. Are you active in the LP-MI? The future lies with the LP if there is any hope or desire to return to the ideals of 1776. Email me: [email protected] I want to discuss something further regarding Kokesh's campaign.

but on the bright side, the influx of Kokesh supporters can wash away the sludge, rust and sewage clogging up the LP machination. I believe he will inspire lots of "kids" his age and under who were with Ron Paul in '08 and again in '12, but were left flailing in the wind.

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Cool idea, can't wait to learn more once development starts!

Nice concept from the freedom teams, great video, I wish you guys success.

This is nice really. Let me try to get a copy

Buena iniciativa voy a entrar para verlo y descargar

Electronic voting on the internet was a concept that I had thought way back when they were talking about rigged electronic voting. Then when I heard about the concept of blockchain, I was thinking to myself how voting would be a perfect application blockchains, an open public cryptic ledger. No I don't have the technical background to help you develop, but I do think the concept is a great one. I can't wait to see it applied and would gladly participate.

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Good post brother. You have nice ideas. Thanks for sharing.

sounds good thanks for the book

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Freedom you're supported already...thanks for sharing this as well.

I'm glad your RV is fine again!

I would support your book if email was not required. unfortunately, I receive for more emails than I can process daily. Tooo many emails

Is voting OK as long as it's documented well?

Hey look! A crappy designer-alternative Kokesh without the good looks or the credibility wrote an article about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and liberty!

(Its author isn’t a bad writer but I heard he smells like a statist standing in a puddle eating spoiled yogurt).

Steem is clearly the superior crypto!

I think you don't have to create your own coin for your voting system: you can implement it on an existing blockchain such as Ethereum.

I'm not a libertarian or anything near it, but I like this idea.

Don't reinvent the wheel however. With respect to voting, you want to be able to verify that those voting are legitimate individuals authorized to do so, but at the same time we need to preserve the sense of anonymity with respect to an individuals vote.

This is where Zero Knowledge Proof systems comes into play. Look into something called ZK-STARKS, which is the next iteration on the ZK-SNARKS system used for ZCash.

The paper is located here:
Also referenced in this CoinDesk article for verification that this is a safe link:

It's a long paper and I'm still making my way through it. Also, I'm not an expert by any means, so I can't help beyond providing a heads up to this info.

good post ;)

The blockchain is an economical revolution!