The Most Useless Cryptocurrency Ever?

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Could this be the most useless coin ever?

Meet UET, the Useless Ethereum Token.

With a circulating supply of around 4 million, this coin trades for 4 cents a piece.
This token markets itself as being completely useless, but people still buy it just to ironically own some. The initial crowd sale raised over $60,000 even though the founder clearly stated that it was a useless token and he would be pocketing any proceeds for himself.

Even the founder himself was dumbstruck that anyone would purchase such a useless coin.

Six months later, this token is still being traded:

Where did all the money go? Was it used to create decentralized blockchain solutions using chainblock technology or some other generic white paper buzzwords?

No. He bought TVs with it.

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Hahahahhaha What a guy! Legend!

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Well, if the creators' being totally honest about his coin having absoloutely on him, then hats off to them for making free money.

the vincentb effect
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the vincentb effect
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Would have been really cool if he setup a fund of some kind to donate the money to charity. Or at least some of the money. I understand that this symbolizes the greed of some people in Crypto though so ...

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Good post

One of the important questions to ask before investing is 'what's the intrinsic value of this coin/technology'. Technical indicators are good but only serve day traders and fuel speculation. Read, and invest in value my friends, please! :-)

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Whats hilarious is the open honesty, people basically "tipping it" for giggles and its STILL doing better than ReddCoin hahaha

Just dropped a new post myself, check it out if you get a chance #vincentb unite!