These new ATMs are ready to work without any cards and just smartphones to accept crypto, maybe ripple or EOS or bitcoin

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It could be ripple, EOS or just bitcoin but soon since these ATMs can be used without the need of any card, imagine just using any crypto wallet on any phone a d depositing at any ATM and the bank taking a small fee and you get cash and maybe they take a picture and or scan your ID of course of you arent a bank member but most likely I see a system with EOS or Ripple where you deposit and withdraw with ripple or EOS and end up using your own bank account... making bittrex and binance your crypto banking portals where we could sell steem for ripple on binance and send to our banks ripple account with memo and get cash at the ATM or bank account... the hardware is all there and when they open that up then free market capitalism can surge throughout the world and I think n we will end up with a decentralized financial network that is just so autonomous it begins to take over towns and people use it and the social media aspect with steem as the prototype will be so much bigger and we will see universal basic income happening with social media where your likes and who those likes come from being your proof of individuality with name and photo uploaded from time to time as your low burden proof of identity as @dan Larimer stated he has planned for EOS and it's new steemit 2.0

the future 5 to 10 year will have an incredible system where people will be able to create businesses that work on proven models and AI helps run them and keep them on track where a million dollar human consultant would have been needed, and a lot of amazing projects on EOS will happen because of the eos Venture capital with its 100 million ready to go and block one has over 4 billion saved from the ico in dollars, thank God they sold that ethereum right?

2019 and 2020 will be amazing for crypto

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Wow hope we get this kind of ATM in ghana

The future of EOS is going to be awesome. I am hoping these hardwares get to Ghana in no time and we all benfit

whose country are available this ATMs? this is good news for crypto world.

Life is getting easy with cryptocurrency. Well its yet to reach here

This is very good news for the crypto community, but unfortunately very few people are aware of this 'new' technology and its potential.

[..]making bittrex and binance your crypto banking portals

This won't probably happen any time soon.