Vite - A decentralized Application platform

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Vite is the next generation of High-performance decentralized application platform, which aims to provide a reliable public platform for industrial dApps, with features of ultra-high throughput and scalability. In the future, Vite’s mobile app with an HTML5 engine will be applied to create dApplets (Decentralized Applets). Smart contracts on the Vite platform and corresponding SDK support will make it easy to develop and deploy dApps as well. Let’s find out this promising project!

Background Informations:

Telegram: with the fast-growing community

Vietnam Telegram group:




Token Metrics:

Ticker: Vite
Token type: ERC20
ICO token price: TBA
Fundraising Goal: 60000 ETH
Total tokens: 1,000,000,000 Vite
Crowdsale: no
Consensus Algorithm: HDPoS Consensus Algorithm
Ledger: DAG+ Snapshot Chain
Smart contract: Reactive Contract (Asynchronous Contract)

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