Best News | Today Event In Cryptocurrency 15th January #30 A Good Start

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Hi My Beloved Steemian,

On this night, I want to give a Today Event 15th. May be useful.

💎 Todays events 15th jan 💎

📌 Matchpool (GUP) - QGup Distribution

📌 Hawala.Today (HAT) - Mobile Wallet Release

📌 Wagerr (WGR) - Testnet + Mainnet Masternode Launching Release

📌 Phore (PHR) - New Whitepaper Release

📌 RaiBlocks (XRB) - Binance Exchange Listing

📌 eBoost (EBST) - Hard Fork & AirDrop

📌 PACcoin (PAC) - PacFyle Project Alpha Launch

📌 Cardano (ADA) - Webcast on YouTube

📌 eBoost (EBST) - Staking and Referral Program

📌 LUXCoin (LUX) - Wallet Upgrade

📌 Wagerr (WGR) - Mainnet Testnet Launch (With Masternodes)

📌 Enigma (ENG) - WCEF in San Francisco

📌 Dovu (DOVU) - Partnership Announcement

📌 FidentiaX (FDX) - Qryptos Exchanse Listing

📌 INS Ecosystem (INS) - OKEx Exchange Listing

📌 (POE) - OKEx Exchange Listing

📌 Bodhi (BOT) - Qtum Meetup in Taipei

📌 PlusCoin (PLC) - Token Burn

📌 LIFE (LIFE) - CoinExchange Delisting

📌 Simple Token (OST) - Bonus Tokens Distribution

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JOIN US : (Komunitas Steemit Indonesia).

Do not forget to follow @aansfarhans for more information about cryptocurrency, entertainment, tips and tricks, trend news.

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Thanks To All The Steemian,

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