Cryptocurrency is Better Than The Stock Market

in cryptocurrency-news •  11 months ago

Cryptocurrency positive is that trading does not have to close down for government holidays. In fact, Presidents Day saw a rise not only in bitcoin but also in solarcoin and many other coins. I am very excited to see the world encouraging solar power, and the power of good without so much greed.

I am a believer in cryptocurrencies making the world a better place, but also think that most of the 1500 coins created will evaporate like the dotcom bubble. There are similarities in the investment craze of 1999 and the present. As we recently witnessed in the beginning of the 21st century, the market will right itself. Just because people temporarily give value to random ideas, does not make the value last.

Google is a good example, there were other platforms, but most evaporated as one rose to the top. The ideas that rose and stood the test of time had a solid business plan along with a market niche. Look for cryptocurrency that solves a problem and fulfills a need. The lendconnect coin could offer a solution if it were not a greedy ponzi scheme. Just because a cryptocurrency is rising does not make it a good investment.

The most interesting part of this exciting new world is the blockchain. All the rage being about cryptocurrency is similar to the news almost two decades ago being about the world wide web. When the craze settled we still had the internet. Within this steemit community I hope to find ideas and guidance for a viable future of blockchain. Can anyone explain how this huge blockchain will change our daily lives?men standing on cliff.jpg photocredits to Finn

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