The Crypto Digest #7 - Ethereum Update, Artificial Intelligence, The Birth of the Internet and Time Travel.

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Hi there and welcome to the seventh installment of the Crypto Digest where I share a weekly list of my favorite articles and videos on technology, blockchain, futurism and beyond.

Enjoy your weekend!


1. An Ethereum Update Covering Constantinople Hard Fork, Proof of Stake, Sharding, Inflation.

from the 51 Percent Cryto Research

Following the delay in Ethereum's next hard fork and all of the noise going on between scaling, security, proof-of-stake and sharding (Shasper), Eric Conner joins us for the ultimate conversation into a complete Ethereum update.
We discuss why the hard fork was delayed, the future for Ethereum under proof-of-stake, throughput with sharding and what the future holds

2. Artificial Intelligence w/ Lex Fridman

from the PowerfulJRE podcast

A fascinating conversation between Joe Rogan and Lex Fridman who is a research scientist at MIT, working on human-centered artificial intelligence.

3. Fidelity Digital Asset Services' Tom Jessop on Why It's Serving Institutional Clients First.

from Unconfirmed by Laura Shin

Unconfirmed  Insights and Analysis From the Top Minds in Crypto.png

Fidelity Digital Asset Services president Tom Jessop explains why its new crypto offering for institutional clients is focused on custody and trade execution, why it's decided not to launch its own exchange, and what kinds of trading capabilities from traditional financial services they plan to build out in the space. He also describes Fidelity's journey to this point -- how it started mining Bitcoin in 2015, had employees buy what must now be some of the world's most expensive bagels in the company cafeteria, and enabled Bitcoin donations in its donor advised funds. He also answers whether or not they plan to create a digital asset offering for retail customers, how custodying digital assets is different from custodying traditional assets and how he came to Fidelity after experience at Goldman Sachs and Chain.

4. How the Internet Happened: From Netscape to the iPhone w/ Brian McCullough

from Hidden Forces

As computer algorithms increasingly control and decide our future, ‘Hello World’ is a reminder of a moment of dialogue between human and machine. Of an instant where the boundary between controller and controlled is virtually imperceptible. It marks the start of a partnership – a shared journey of possibilities, where one cannot exist without the other. In the age of the algorithm, that’s a sentiment worth bearing in mind.

5. Is time travel possible? w/ Colin Stuart.

from Ted-Ed

Time travel is a staple of science fiction stories, but is it actually possible? It turns out nature does allow a way of bending time, an exciting possibility suggested by Albert Einstein when he discovered special relativity over one hundred years ago. Colin Stuart imagines where (or, when) this fascinating phenomenon, time dilation, may one day take us.

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