The Crypto Digest #6 - On-Chain Governance, Tether and Being Human in the Age of Algorithm.

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Hi there and welcome to the fifth installment of the Crypto Digest where I share a weekly list of my favorite articles and videos on technology, blockchain, futurism and beyond.

Enjoy your weekend!


1. Vitalik Buterin Discusses On-chain Governance (and EOS).

from the ZCash YouTube channel

Vitalik Buterin, the Founder and Chief Scientist of the Ethereum Project, discusses why he had a change of heart about on-chain governance and how coin voting governance manages to fail in allocating capital.

2. Why the Tether Situation Brought Up Memories of Mt. Gox.

a podcast by Laura Shin

Unconfirmed  Insights and Analysis From the Top Minds in Crypto.png

Dan McArdle, cofounder of Messari and the creator of OnChainFX, discusses why tether lost its dollar peg, how the Gemini USD traded at above $1, and how this was similar to the time before Mt. Gox imploded. We also discuss the significance of the Fidelity news, plus McArdle's thesis on how Bitcoin would behave in a recession -- which isn't the conventional wisdom.

3. The Not-So-Killer Whales of Bitcoin.

from the Chainanalysis blog

Chainalysis Blog   The Not-So-Killer Whales of Bitcoin.png

New data shows that bitcoin’s largest holders are a diverse group that may be stabilizing, rather than destabilizing, the market.

4. What is Liquid?

from Off Chain with Jimmy Song

Jimmy Song explains what the newly launched Blockstream’s Liquid network for “High Value” Bitcoin payments is.

5. Hello World: Being Human in the Age of Algorithms with Hannah Fry.

from Hidden Forces

As computer algorithms increasingly control and decide our future, ‘Hello World’ is a reminder of a moment of dialogue between human and machine. Of an instant where the boundary between controller and controlled is virtually imperceptible. It marks the start of a partnership – a shared journey of possibilities, where one cannot exist without the other. In the age of the algorithm, that’s a sentiment worth bearing in mind.

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Great ! More food for thoughts. Going to listen the human / algorithm one first.
Then while running: Unconfirmed :).

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Done with Unconfirmed, nice one and I agree with the guest.

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Yeah, glad you liked it! His analysis flies in the face of conventional wisdom regarding how Bitcoin would fare in a recession, I liked it.

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