Bitcoin and Ether Markets.

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Hi traders, let's talk about Bitcoin and Ether.


Bitcoin (BTC).

Nothing much has happened in the market, volatility has dried up and public awareness is at its lowest:

Google Trend for the term: "Buy Bitcoin" (lowest since April 2017)

buy bitcoin - Explore - Google Trends.png

Meanwhile Bitcoin continues to consolidate above $6,000 USD:


Forming a pattern chart with striking resemblance to the 2015 accumulation market:

download (1).png

Ether (ETH).

After losing close to 80% of its value during the course of 2018, the price of ETH seems to have found some support around the $200 mark as indicated by a huge surge in buying volume last month.

download (2).png

Anticipation for the Constantinople update (which will considerably reduce the inflation of ETH) and staking (once Shasper is implemented) seem to have played a role in pricing the digital asset at its current level.

Indeed the buzz around the technology keeps building, Truffle (the most popular development framework for Ethereum) just passed over a million downloads...

Truffle  @trufflesuite    Twitter.png

... which solidifies the platform as the fastest growing crypto project out there and certainly the most advanced in terms of its large financial ecosystem and fanatic developer community.

What's your strategy traders?

Until then,


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Nice work @tradealert. I didn't know Truffle had reached 1 million downloads. Impressive!

Ethereum definitely has a considerable head start over the competition and a devoted, loyal grass root community, if dapps ever succeed as a concept I think Ethereum will become the Microsoft of dapp platforms.