@exyle on Battle Strategies When Crypto Is Getting Killed

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Ouch! Unless you're living under a rock, you see what is happening in cryptocurrencies and it is painful.


We're seeing prices going lower and lower almost daily. Our dearly-beloved Steemit and Steem are getting clobbered also. So, what are we DTubers and Steemians to do?

Well, I just had a wonderful interview with a very smart man who goes by the name @exyle here on Steemit. He goes by Mark in the real world and he always shares great ideas. This is the 2nd interview I've had with him and as good as the first one was, this is even better.

He packs this with lots of "WOW!" ideas that you are going to love. In the midst of a crashing cryptocurrencies calamity, this is an interview that will not only inspire, but educate and help you prepare for what is coming next (it is REALLY good!).

Please leave your comment and we greatly appreciate your upvote. Thank you, thank you, thank you for watching.


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When will we see the bottom prices of Steem? I am so demoralized that I invested from 1.3 USD.


I wish I knew. @dhorock. However, in the meantime, we'll just enjoy the journey and keep practicing those concepts we talked about in the interview.

Oh, man! I can't wait to watch this @terrybrock. I'm about to board a flight back to Minneapolis. I'm going to try and load or download this. I love @exyle's approach to buying and holding crypto. He approaches it much like a regular guy instead of a big shot investor. I relate to his advise a lot. Fortunately, I just got a few deposits for shoots next year so it's a rare time I have money available to buy STEEM!


Enjoy the flight and I look forward to hearing what you think of the interview. Once again @exyle had a lot of great information to share.

Hang in there fellas!


Yep! We're all hanging in there and will make it. Thank you for stopping by


Yep! We're all hanging
In there and will make it. Thank
You for stopping by

                 - terrybrock

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Very inspiring interview and conversation with Mark! Great to see from experience the cycles the market goes through and how remaining consistent pays off in the long term. While I am totally convinced about the potential and buy more every month, I hope to find ways to post more often, relevant content to the interest of the community to grow Steem Power that way as well. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you, @newageinv. Yes, your idea of consistency is very important. Thanx forthe comment and I hope to see you again!

I am really worried about the price of Steem and the SBD because that's what I live from, and the one that goes down so abruptly is very worrying, but I have faith that it will rise, and thank you very much for this valuable information.


I hear you, @fabian98. Yes, it is a concern, but the fundamentals are good. This is a time to hunker down and not get irrational. Thank you very much for your comment.

Incredible interview, I agree with @exyle I'd be posting even if STEEM was .05 cents. Keep posting, keep learning.


You are so right @reseller. Yes, we'll continue as it is a great platform and the fundamentals are sound. Thank you very much for stopping by. I love your work and what YOU give our Steemit community.

Thanks for the interview Terry. I had a blast! Ow and it's our third interview :)


Yes, you're right. We'll just have to continue with even more in the future. It is always an honor to have you on board, @exyle.

Your thumbnail looks like you're not having a great time in this wonderful bear market before the fork.
Cheer up, the crypto holidays will be here soon...

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Yes, that particular shot shows the concern we have. I'm thinking we'll have a much better photo when we can show that Steem has risen considerably. Hopefully that will come soon, but I have no idea what will happen.

Hi Terry

Thanks for getting Mark up for this interview, although I'm sure he was as keen as ever to talk about the Steem Blockchain.

I will be tuning in tomorrow for the full listen, cheers!


Thank you, @abh12345. Looking forward to any comments you have after you've had a chance to hear the full interview.

Hi Terry, I finally found you here on DTube. But I did subscribed your channel in YTube channel. But I'll subscribe here too. I enjoyed watching and listening your videos. Very educational and informative. I want to learn from you how to create good videos.


Thank you very much @roger5120. I appreciate you being with me both on YT and here on Steemit. Hey, if I can help you out with any questions you might have, please let me know. All the best to you!

Looking forward to the 4th interview with Exyle!
Great information guys!


Thank you, @xrplover. Thank you for your comment and for stopping by.

This is essential viewing for the Steem community!

I had a good feeling @exyle would be bullish and positive towards upcoming developments, even though the markets are not looking in good shape right now.

The discussion on SMT (starting at around 21 minutes on the tape) is probably my favorite part of the interview. I share the same opinion as you both in that the SMT development has the potential to make STEEM (and Steem Power) a force to be reckoned with.

Thank you @terrybrock for organising this interview, and to @exyle for the intelligent and encouraging answers.


Thank you, @abh12345. I appreciateyour kind words and yes the discussion about SMT is really important. This is a huge part of Steemit's future and it is exciting. That and other reasons make us confident for the future, in the midst of the calamity going on now.

Thank you for stopping by and your support.


I guess it's only a 'calamity' if you are living off STEEM (as I am!). As @exyle points out, you are still earning around the same amount of tokens, which the value of will hopefully rise again in the future.


Ha, ha, ha. I loved the introduction @exyle "the world famous Steemian who knows what's going on". 😂

Glad your message about the long term value of the block chain is getting out there. And the reasons why to keep posting even when the price is down. It certainly inspires me to keep on posting whenever I hear it. 😊


Glad you liked that. I only said it slightly tongue in cheek as Mark really is famous world-wide on Steemit and he really does know what is happening. He's a good man on and off camera and we are lucky to have him in our Steemit community.

Thank you, @gillianpearce for being part of the community and for your kind words. Come back and visit again sometime soon!


Ha, ha, ha. Well first I need to work out where I'm posting my comments @terrybrock. I seem to have posted the same one twice thinking it didn't go through the first time.

Oh well. Maybe no-one will notice! 😂

Great interview. Amazing job you are doing @terrybrock. And of course @exyle is a beast in Steemit, I am following him since the moment I created my account :D


Thank you very much, @emiliomorles. Glad you enjoy the work. Come back and visit again sometime. Nice to have you here.

hi @terrybrock !
bravo for the nice interview of @exyle you made ! I just watched it and was glad that I have the same feeling about Steem and thinking long term ! I really enjoy reading your articles and listening to you !
I’m a great fan ! thanks you, have a good day !


You are most kind @anttn. Thank you for your kind words. Hope you have a great day and please come back again to visit.


You’re welcome dear @terrybrock ! you’re doing an awesome work ! I’m a big fan :) for sure, I’m always around ! (and sorry for the answer delay, i’m in a zero network zone !) have a good day !

Great perspective on the long term value of Steem and Dtube. I would also add that many people are looking for alternatives to Youtube, Facebook and Twitter due to the censorship and privacy issues.


I think you are right on target with that, @dooglehiltz. For many the censorship we see on those platforms is a real turn-off.