Why all the hate on Ripple / XRP?

True, you can’t call Ripple a conventional cryptocurrency, because it’s mostly used by financial institutions/banks, you can’t mine it and the total supply has been from the start heavily regulated by the Ripple company. It’s because Ripple isn’t a conventional cryptocurrency that I love it, because it dared to think outside the box and wanted to facilitate international transactions for the (big) banks, financial institutions (and in the end corporations?), so that in the end the customer can win by having to pay lower (bank) fee’s and/or even they’ll/we’ll could feel it in our wallets because of the trickle down effects of lower costs for companies down the distribution chain for products, so we’ll end up paying less for the products we buy.

True, again, especially last scenario sounds now more like an Utopia then reality, but with good will it’s definitely a possibility. One that I would gladly see happen.

In our global society, especially more in Western countries more and more people are forgetting that Governments and (Financial) Institutions, are just made of people. Do I believe that every single person working in those organizations are doing it for the right reasons, no, unfortunately, of course not. But I also don’t believe that the (vast) majority of the people working in those organizations work there and don’t want to do good (for their country/the World). Do the decision makers in those organizations make wrong decisions (with the good intentions)? Yes, of course, but being angry with them for their faults and mistakes, and shunning each other out and not wanting to go into discussion with each other, is even worse. Don’t be mad at all banks because one ptook your car or your home away. Don’t get angry at the system, the laws that gave them that power, because instead, work then to change the rules/laws or accept them and work with them (and accept the consequences if you decide to break them and get caught).

To being able to live with each other, with all our differences, we must accept that sometimes others will decide things that will be inconvenient for you, at best and hurtful for you, at worst. We can go fight it out like Chimpanzee’s, fuck and forget about it like Bonobo’s and then fuck again when it happens again, or talk it out like Homo Sapiens and work it out together so that hopefully it never happens again.

Wishing for the end of all financial institutions/central banks is thinking like a Chimpanzee, so it surprises me the vast amount of hate Ripple is getting (both online and offline), just because they work with big banks.

I say, good for them and the best of luck for them!

And if you are truly disgusted with your choice of buying Ripple some time ago, and now you don’t know what to do with them? You can always choose to donate them to a good cause, like helping with the start of a beautiful company, so here is the XRP address for that cause, if you wish to donate (some) to it - rHFucLu3TgNmZr7MmGJeKC8x1biBkeNHJy

Have a great day y’all :D


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