Newdex drops the Edna/EOS pairing with a massive 5 hours noticesteemCreated with Sketch.

in #cryptocurrencies2 years ago

2020-08-05 EDNA.png

Haven't really got a lot of time to get this post out as EDNA is going to get delisted by Newdex at 9am UTC today. Newdex is only giving people 5 hours notice which is a bit shabby as far as I am concerned.

Edna is, or rather was, supposed to be a method of tying your DNA to the blockchain so you could market it. A rather dysopian idea which fortunately will never come to fruition. Having said that it was one of Newdex's more active trades. Obviously the price has tanked and is at time of writing down 42%.

If you have any Edna get your skates on and sell the stuff before it is worthless.

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