Why every Cryptocurrency Investor should listen to this interview. Jeffrey Wernick talks about Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Central Government, Central Banking and more..!!

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#Bitcoin, #Blockchain, #Cryptocurrencies, Central Government, Central Banking and more..!!

Why ever Cryptocurrency Investor should listen to this interview.jpg

Why every #Cryptocurrency Investor should listen to this interview

Earlier on I was scanning my news feeds and came across an article referring to an interview Jeffrey Wernick had done recently.

For those that may not have seen this interview, I can highly recommend watching it and sharing the video with you family and friends.

If you are invested in, or are thinking about investing in #Cryptocurrency, then I strongly recommend that these 7:13 mins will answer a lot of your questions.

A "must see" video

In this short interview, Jeffrey Wernick talks about many things, including: #Bitcoin, #Blockchain, #Cryptocurrencies, Central Government, Central Banking and the reckless monetary and fiscal policies that have been adopted since the early 1970's.

Grab a coffee, put up your feet and listen to what Jeffrey Wernick has to say.

There is not one part of what Jeffrey Wernick says that I disagree with and I would say without doubt that I agree 100% with every word.

Very rarely does an interview have such a strong message and this is certainly one of them.

Credit to the Business Insider and Jeffrey Wernick for the content in the video.

This really is a "must see" video.

Credit: Business Insider / Jeffrey Wernick

Thanks again for reading and watching.



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Totally AGREE... even for those of us with experience with Bitcoin, this is a very well articulated video.

I would agree that the Global Central Banks have done EVERYTHING possible in their "bag of tricks" to INCREASE Volatility in Bitcoin + Crypto Markets because they are a DIRECT THREAT to their Global Control...

...would even surmise it is highly likely that MOST of the sophisticated HACKS over the last 5 years have been "funded" by the Global Central Banks... again because they are in mortal FEAR of losing their Global Control.

Again, Thank You Stephen for all of Your ongoing efforts to not only Promote Steemit but sharing Truth + Honesty... ReSTEEMed !!

Cheers !!

It's my absolute pleasure. Thank you for your support. Stephen

DGB to da moon fellas :)

Hi @stephenkendal ! Great interview to Jeffrey Wernick. I believe that with Steem and EOS as well as Bitshares, developers are having real world possibilities to create easy and fast dapps that people can easily use, and that will eventually bring the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The main barrier we had was few txs processing, high costs of txs and no dapps created easy to be used by people. With Steem, Bts, EOS all this is being solved, and now hundreds of dapps are being developed.

Thanks for sharing this great post.

Regards, @gold84

Jeffrey Wernick is such a brilliant man.his thoughts and views about crypto currency are mind blowing.obviously he is speeking at perfect angle in this video as crypto rates are not going stable they are going up and down..thanks for sharing such a massive piece of his talk.

The policy of central govt is a sick policy and mostly manipulative one and endless printing of paper currency will certainly lead to catastrophe of economy one day for certain and thanks god we have now blockchain based currency which is not only decentralized but also it gives the full authority to the owner of money.

Thank you @stephenkendal sir.

Jeffrey is a world-renowned investor and a true champion of the benefits of blockchain technology. It is an honour to have him onboard

In fact, due to central banks, bitcoin or cryptocurrency threat. If you notice the past few months, then the banks have been affected due to the increase in the promotion of its crypto. The video was right for this!


Jeffrey Wernick is a very very talented and briliant personality Good to see him 😍

An early bitcoin investor explains what most people get wrong about the cryptocurrency. ... Jeffrey Wernick is an independent investor whose portfolio includes early holdings in Uber and Airbnb. ... Wernick says that people misunderstand bitcoin because it is often explained as a payment .

Jeffrey has such good thoughts in this, awesome to see him here on Steemit get traction. I had shared this other video of his two days ago on /r/CryptoCurrency where it had almost 400 views but no votes. Business Insider and Tech Insider are two really good YouTube channels to subscribe to.

Crypto/BTC is a great way. The earliest way to get rich and not just make money with crypyo is to buy BTC and hold for year or two..........

An eye opener
Banks have no ethics, just want the control

Awesome interview ! upped and resteemed, sorry for the short comment but im running late! thanks for sharing with us!👍👍👍

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Why ever Cryptocurrency Investor should listen to this interview. Jeffrey Wernick talks about Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Central Government, Central Banking and more..!! @Steemit

#Cryptocurrency #Investment #Investing #Blockchain #Bitcoin



Great thoughts here, bookmarked this video. Never seen the guy before, he’s great. What is his Steem handle?

No, seriously, he’s heard about this (Steem), right?

Good to see this person. thanks

hey please upvote and comment please...please....plase