Know why CryptoBridge is a good choice for our project and why SPIDER VPS is your best choice

Welcome to the weekly blog section by the SPIDER VPS team, blog section where we will talk about any advance or development that is happening on our platform. For us it is very important to have a space dedicated to weekly updates about our project as we are demonstrating that our commitment and effort is real and that we want to deliver a project 100% dedicated to our community.

For this day's section we will talk about a very special event that is about to happen in our project which will be listed in a very important exchange at this time which is CRYPTO-BRIDGE. Exchange which is loved by many and criticized by others, but we are going to bring you in this blog why it is a good decision to have chosen this as our second exchange we will talk to the truth so that those people who still do not like this exchange realize that it is one of the best of the moment. The second topic we will address in this blog will be what is the attraction for investors to invest in our project.

The good decision to have Crypto-Bridge on our project

Before the next enlistment of our project it is necessary that we talk about this so we can say that CryptoBridge is a decentralized exchange for all those altcoins what differentiates CryptoBridge from the exchanges is that this plans to solve many problems that others may have through decentralization, they do so through the construction of a book of applications based on blockchain and, in addition, a network of combined passage of multiple signature.

All deposits, withdrawals and application books that are part of the CryptoBridge framework are simply stored in the blockchain, where it is very secure. Each user of the CryptoBridge platform will have the ability to deposit, withdraw and exchange cryptocurrencies. Since CryptoBridge does not have access to users' private keys or funds, they are fully protected against theft.

Bitshares and CryptoBridge: The platform uses Graphene, which can process up to 100,000 transactions per second for vigorous transactions. The way it continues to run on BitShares. Built on the Bitshares (BTS) platform, orders and transactions are completely decentralized. Trading is available 24/7.

A very positive aspect of this exchange is that the customer will have the ability to deposit, withdraw and exchange coins, even when CryptoBridge closes its business. Each customer has the private keys to their coins. CryptoBridge does not have access to the client's funds in the exchange. One of the questions many are asking is when they charge a fee when doing trade they offer a level trade charge of 0.20%.

Another great benefit that CryptoBridge presents unlike others is that it is a local wallet and a cloud account that this refers to? the cloud account allows you to access from any computer or device where you are always and as long as you have your password generated by CryptoBridge which is 45 characters something amazing AND YOU CANNOT LOSE IT FOR ANY REASON, IF YOU READ? YOU CAN'T LOSE HIM. This is a very feasible form of security that has been seen in many places. Now if you are one of those users looking for extreme security and with a higher percentage has created a local wallet which you can download to your home computer.

To finish CryptoBridge has for today as an example a daily volume of 57.35 BTC something really spectacular for a decentralized exchange for all these reasons the best option for SPIDER VPS was to be part of the large family of CryptiBridge.

Attractive investments in our project

  • Spider VPS is the first project focused on being a high-tech social vps hosting platform based on its own blockchain.

  • 100% real project with a real team so that everyone in your community knows who they are really working with.In addition to being a professional team focused on their work they are truly experts in the field.

  • Being a hybrid which has both conventional mining approaches POW and the new ecological mining technology POS + masternodes.

  • Very low pre-mining which has only been used for project growth purposes.

  • High total supply which makes a project last many years

  • Low number of confirmations which makes it attractive to be able to send or receive our currency in just 10 confirmations.

  • Variety of options for the user to choose between different types of VPS

  • VPS of high technology to really low costs and that in addition they can be paid with our own currency.

  • For our dedicated servers we have the highest technology with our Intel Xeon E5 processors.

  • If you are one of the most demanding people or do not really find a VPS service to your need, do not worry in SPIDER VPS we adapt to your requirements and you can order the type of VPS you want to have your requirements. We are the first platform to offer this.

  • We offer DDOS protection, external firewall, secure VPS system.

  • Each VPS is completely separate from other instances on the same hardware, making it impossible for the performance of one system to affect any other VPS.
    We have the most effective technical support of all we offer experts in the area where they are 24 x 7 attentive to any event that occurs, plus we have a very large community that day by day are still happy to belong to our world.

  • We have a no-hassle hardware replacement policy. We'll replace any hardware you want, no questions asked, no tests.

  • Project stable price, our currency has remained stable at a standard price from our inception until today.

  • About 80% of coins locked at this moment. This means that we have many people betting on our masternode system and Proof Of Stake, an attractive figure where we can prove that many of our investors trust us.

  • We are one of the projects with the most stable daily volume and with the highest number of BTCs moved daily. At present, a total of 12.02 BTCs have been moved in the Crex24 exchange. Something incredible for a project.

This has been the post for today, we hope that those people who still doubted CryptoBridge realize that this is our best option and those who did not know CryptoBridge more deeply realize how great and amazing that decentralized exchange. What do you think about this? SPIDER VPS has great investment attractions so you can see how your money will be in the best hands, they are so many attractions that our project has so tell us about them which is your favorite attraction? you can do it in the comment box or you can go to our active discord community to talk about this. Thank you for reading this in advance of next week's issue as it will be full of surprises.


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