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It's December 29th, and Ripple has been mooning.


It's hard to fathom. Obviously Ripple was going to go up gradually, but such rapid bank adoption of this centralized shitcoin is a big disappointment. Or is it?

I have to think that it validates the overall crypto-market. Stellar has to moon now too, if this was at all logical.

I read about the South Korean bitcoin zombies that are pumping this market.

Zero Hedge is really the only valid financial news source. They have more practical insight and not fake news rosy outlook that the MSM slaves that have to bow to the folks that are trying to control the news market to benefit the deep state.

Who are the Koreans going pump next. I used to think it was EOS but there seems to be a dark cloud that keeps Dan Larimers project off the radar.

I look back on my posts from late summer. What if I had HODL'd GRC, and Deep Onion, and kept my ICO ZEPH rather than dumping it after a 100% gains. My thoughts at the time was there wasn't enough liquidity that I could quickly exit my position if I needed to.

What I've discovered is that cryto-traders are maniacs. Anti-central bank, bending over and taking it really since 2001 has made these fuckers mad, myself included, so an exit strategy seems less important.

If I had held some of the coins I was in and out of on Bittrex, ZClassic was up something like 1700% since Christmas, Groetlscoin, and tons of others when I was just getting up to speed. I should have left them on the exchange and forgot about them, but I can't complain as I rode EOS from $.60.

Some say that when what is going on so obviously in these markets, would be to exit, but the complexity of what I had to do today to sell some of my EOS gains, and put them into BQX, BNB, ENG, MTH, and EVX and then putting them into cold storage. It is still too complicated for the mainstream investor as they only have their Etrade account and an antiquated mindset. Right now, for what it's worth, I think any ERC20 token that I can store on Ledger Nano MEW wallet is a good bet.

With Ripple mooning folks are going to get in the market and figure it out. We are going to benefit by figuring it out first and picking the best projects. What I've learned in 2017 is if I'm interested enough to get involved in a coin, that others will too, and don't fucking sell. Real-world use cases. RIght now it seems like every coin is a winner, but that can't always be the case or we will have fiat inflation the likes the world has never seen.

Whenever @Stan announces the BTS partnerships, and a potential whale backed asset, I'm levered up on 0% margin loans on BTS. BTS carries about 1/3 of the blocktrain transactions quietly and quickly. If BTS doesn't moon soon than nothing the world makes sense to me

In this market either you are participating or not, or you own the asset or not. I thought simplifying into 2-3 coins was the right play, but those that diversified on shitcoins are killing it.

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Thanks for this information and for supporting me and my work too. Have you seen all the @stan videos @smiller? Here's the link of not.
Have a Happy New Year!
~ @bluerocktalk🖖

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