QRIP Experiment, a grand success: 106% growth (more than double) in a month!

in cryptocurrencies •  last year


Bear market engulfed the whole crypto space last 3 months. It was feeling like a drag. As we mentioned before, we wanted to shake things up at QRIP group and started many new things to keep engagement growing.

  • QRIP Experiment - where we pick a project as a community that we expect to double
  • QRIP Community vote - this is where community votes on tokens for long-term play
  • 30 second Qripto - a 30 second video of projects we pick
  • QRIP Picks, these are well researched picks posted by the Admins
    and more...

Projects picked under QRIP experiment and QRIP Community vote, both surpassed 100% growth (106% and 120%, respectively) in under a month.

You can see both the picks at QRIP Group

Group is FREE to join and we will introduce 'challenge based' entry in the future!

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