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Today I want to address a matter that is often being addressed by our community, wallet security and Cryptocurrency investment. In the attached screenshot is an offer for investment in COINBASE. Since the promise was too glamorous 30% for 10 days I did an analysis and it turned out that the offer does not come from COINBASE, but it's a fraud attempt, for more see the photo.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 2.56.12 PM.png

General security tips:

  1. Use a special email for Cryptocurrency,
  2. Emailin provide good, preferably 2FA and back up email,
  3. If you enjoy Cryptocurrency sites on social networks, your accounts will be targeted so you can secure your social network accounts,
  4. Do not let the internet plugins on your mobile devices and PCs save your user name or passwords,
  5. Look out for your devices, if you have a wallet on your mobile or PC, then that device is not good for other family members as well as chat equipment or games,
  6. It is preferred to encrypt mobile devices and PCs where you have information about your wallets and accounts,
  7. Preferably do not save data about your online accounts like Dropbox, Drive, Icloud or Google Drive,
  8. Keep all your accounts offline even in printed form on paper, in 2-3 copies at different locations,
  9. Do not use the public Internet at local or other unknown locations to perform Cryptocurrency services,
  10. Think about the heirs of these accounts, especially if it comes to investment-savings in significant amounts.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 3.02.26 PM.png

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Thanks for info . Wish this help

no prob, thanks for comment

Great post about security! Keep it up!

t's a must we should spread, thank you!

Great post and info

Thank you mate..

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