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We are all witnesses to the evolution that's happening ..It's so fascinating to live in the era where the boom of science & technology is happening.

Things are changing in a very fast way..and our generation is here to contribute and use all those benefits.

Future Future Future...

What could be after Cryptos any idea...? Maybe the answer is after 50 years


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I spoke to a friend about this site for the first time and struggled to explain how exactly the revenue is generated. Excited to learn more and become more knowledgeable about this new form of currency.

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excelent post!!

@qaopao right on dude!
i think the future is an apple style consolidation of the technology into a very user friendly package
when my mom can feel safe about keeping her coins and not get confused 10 seconds in, it will be globally adopted, until then we are kind of like the early computer
50 years? you might very well be buying ICO's from mars off bitshares

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