The role of Orionix in the gaming framework dominated by giants such as Steam

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It is no secret to anyone that the largest global gaming marketplace known as Steam has seen a huge surge since its launch in 2003. With more than 30,000 games available on the platform and about 20 million users in total, the video game distributor has established itself as the leading player in the business. 

According to some of the latest statistics, currently there are about 67 million active users and up to 1.5 million sales per month on the platform and here is where the intriguing facts arise. If we take into account that the average game on steam costs 6 USD and there are 1.5 million sales made per month then that results in about 12 million USD in revenue from game sales. Up to here everything seems sound, however the real dilemma comes into play when the fees associated with those sales get revealed. Considering the average PayPal fee for domestic transfers is 2% then that would lead to more than 200.000 USD being allocated towards fees on steam each month. Now imagine that instead of wasting so much capital on fees, each user had the opportunity to invest it in a variety of cryptocurrencies and hold it over a span of several years? It would have gained hundreds or even thousands of percentages on the initial investment while the specified buyer would have also had the chance to enjoy a more cost effective gaming experience without excess expenses. 

This is where the Orionix project intends to focus its backbone to. Offering market participants the possibility to build a reliable, fee-free relationship with ease of access from any point in the world hence falls into the company’s most essential goals. Furthermore, the Orionix community will aim to inculcate this type of mentality into the entire gaming universe in order to aid the industry’s enthusiasts into further developing and perfecting their skillfulness as well as contribute in achieving a more favorable and pleasant gaming environment that people could enjoy being a part of. Ultimately, this could foster demand over time and lead to an even more rapid growth of the sector.

What’s more is that the company plans to incorporate a certain educational policy as a measure to counter some of the negative aspects of gaming such as addiction and/or excessive money spending on games, all as a mean to maximize users safety.

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