What Do You Say About Ripple?

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I wanted to ask this questions a long time ago. Knowing what your opinions are. When we are on the road I use part of this time to get some new pieces of information about cryptocurrencies. Besides of Steemit youtube is one source for that.

What I noticed is that in the last time many bullish videos about Ripple(XRP) appeared in my feed. I mean if youtube is also one of your sources where you get some information you know that there are countless bullish videos about some coins.

But I guess XRP is one of those someone can take seriously. Even when some people are already calculating how many XRP they need to become a millionaire. 😂

I just would like to know what you think about XRP?
Are you holding some?

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i think ripple belongs in every portfolio. Scattering is indispensable and importent. Yes im bought ripple last year, but i take my investment in jannary '18, (and a little +), the rest of them HODL. cheers

I had about 4,000 XRP, but exchanged them for XLM recently. I can say that XRP holds value really well through rough times and it doesn't fluctuate too much. On long term I consider it a good investment and I also noticed that it benefits from almost constant advertising due to their "charity" works and celebs around it. Plus there's the banks which have their money invested in it. I will buy XRP again at some point in the future.


Great, thanks for this detailed comment :)

I would not touch Ripple even if YOU buy the coins for me. It is a centralized banking coin that represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with this world.

I've recently met the CTO of Ripple on a crypto convention. Really nice guy and german as well ;)

But other than that, not much known about XRP by me.

I rather stick to Steem as I'm using it everyday.


Whhhaaaat you met the CTO 😳
It's​ running ;)

Yeah, you indeed a STEEM believer😁


Haha. The story is actually quite funny:

My girlfriend was with me and she didn't know him. But I did so I was a bit nervous before I initiated the conversation and in the beginning of it.

Afterwards, she asked me why I was so nervous. I just opened up Coinmarketcap and pointed to XRP.

And she was like: "Aaaah... now I get."



Haha​ :D
Funny story :D


Lol awesome you bring your girlfriend to such a crypto convention :). My GF supports me in crypto, but is just looking at it from the sideline :P

Yeah,​ I heard of it. Because of that reason, some or many people are avoiding xrp

To be honest I entered the crypto market when XRP was at the lowest while I was suggested by few of my brothers to get some but yes being a newbie never bought it. If I have done that than I would have been a dolphin in Steemit r8 now ;)

Sounds good from my perspective and being centralized many are hoping otherwise .While got some in my pocket by the way just in case !


I think it can't​ hurt to have some in the pockets :)


Agreed buddy !
After all this is crypto, who knows anything can happen ;)

It’s what got me back into crypto. I grabbed a bunch of xrp when it was super cheap. But the longer I stayed in the markets the more I focused on the crypto I can actually use now.

So it became STEEM, BNB, BTC and LTC for me these days... Not very exciting lol

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Similar in my case. There is a shift to the coins I am using right now.

To get a millionaire, need right now with this price a huge amount of Coins and as well Investment. I see Ripple as a long term now. This was not always. Some month ago, for me was an Coin like any other. But now it looks to get serious. Ripple is connecting with serveral companies and contracts. It looks like Ripple will make a part of the Cryptogame world.

invest in ripple is a good invest, good luck


Why so confident?

Im actually not touching anything right now @modernpastor , all I see is red on the markets, usually things get better I hear near the end of September, im just waiting to see if things improve right now. Good question though ! upped and resteemed for ya!👍👍👍😀


Great to see your comment :) Thanks for the resteem.


Your welcome 😊

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First things first, I remember months ago when XRP was pointed to reach $5 very soon...

Ripple is still the third biggest coin but I think it will lose that spot as soon as the next bull run starts.
Of course XRP is very criticized because it is a centralized project (banks trying to take over cryptocurrencies) and for that reason I never got much tempted to buy any, so, no, I'm not holding XRP.

I have not invested but given the centralized banking relation it seems stable as an invest but do not tell people here lol - it is not popular amongst most Steemians and fighters for decentralization.