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Swift is one of the few cryptocurrencies that are based on the idea of “Universal Basic Income”. It means that everyone can take part in the currency – with small daily payouts.

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It is very easy to create an account and receive daily payouts of Swift – without doing much more than logging into your account once a week.

Another benefit is that you can use this cryptocurrency to buy and sell things and services in their webshop.

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Free crypto – Easy to manage – Approved earnings

SwiftDemand – to get started

Verification happens via sms sent to your mobile phone. You get a code that you have input on their website. You also get a verification email, which contains a link that you must click in order to verify your address.

Verification with an ID document?

In order to be able to send Swift to other users or pay with it in the webshop you need to verify yourself with a photo of your ID document and a selfie of yourself holding that document. BUT: if you don’t feel comfortable with sharing your ID document online (or if you don’t have an ID), you can still create an account. You will be able to earn Swift every day anyway.

Once you are feeling safe with this service, you can then upload your ID document and withdraw all the coins that you’ve earned. Verification is only needed for sending the coins to others, not for earning them.

Graphics source: Swiftdemand.com

SwiftDemand – increase the earnings

  • Log in every week
    You get 100 Swift per day. But in order to claim them (get them onto your account) you need to visit the website and click on Claim. You can only claim up to 700 Swift at any moment.

In other words: you must head to their website once a week and claim your Swift. Otherwise you won’t accumulate more than 700 unclaimed Swift.

  • Spread the word
    You can also get 500 Swift extra if you recruit someone via their affiliate link.

  • Sell something
    On the website’s marketplace you can buy and sell things and services. For example, somebody is offering to “help you with your questions about Steemit”. Another one is selling a video that shows cool tricks with a gummy band. Some are selling likes on Facebook and so on.

How much is Swift worth?

Swift is worth what you are willing to pay for it. No exchange exists for now. But it’s possible to buy tihngs for it in the webshop where the users are buying and selling from/to each other.

For example:

A laser pen in camo style: 6500 Swift. I can find similar products on the Internet for about USD $6.50. If we assume the pen’s price to be 6.50 dollars, then 1,000 Swift is equal one dollar. But it all depends on which products one wants to buy, what they are selling for in your home country and so on.

Graphics source: Swiftdemand.com

My opinion:

Sure, why not. It only takes a few seconds to log in once a week.
I could probably soon start selling likes on Facebook or upvote on Steemit for Swift…

Please use my ref-link if you want to join Swift

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MONDAY- mining or free crypto
WEDNESDAY- contest
FRIDAY- Giveaway


In my opinion they require id verification to stop multiple accounts (abuse)

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I think you are absolutely right. In the beginning I think they did not have that demand - but they have to change to stop abuse .
I think they are doing right way .