[SELLING AT PEAK] The importance of taking an opportunity

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A friend of mine believed in Bitshares (BTS) on the month of may.
He put like 0.5 BTC on the coin.
The price was at 2,200 satoshis, something like that.
Last month it reached a high on 16,500 satoshis.
Needless to say he was extremely happy with his investment.
But he told me "Imma HODL"
Did not sell then. Did not sell at the beginning of this month.
Now the price is around 4,900 satoshis and falling.
Yes, he is at profit. But the price keeps dropping.

Here is the chart of the coin:

BTS chart.png

BTW, the bloodbath continues.


I'm curious to see how this month (and august) will go for us.


When you say 2.200 Satoshi, you mean 2,200 Satoshi?
I would put a comma there instead of a period.
Because a Satoshi is one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin.
That means there are about 9 digits.
1 Bitcoin = 1.00000000 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 Satoshi.

Yes! I'm brazilian, we use periods instead of commas.
I forgot about this, thanks! :)

Cool. I'm American in Vietnam. They flip it in Vietnam too. I do not know why or who does it. But there is a flip. Americans use the comma for bigger numbers. In other countries, I am not too sure.

Yeah, different on some measures as well.
I need to calculate the temperature in Celsius when I see something like 75 degrees Fahrenheit haha

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What do you consider to be THE PEAK? How can anyone know when to sell?

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