How did the top cryptocurrencies perform last August?

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Bitcoin: In august 2017, Bitcoin price was below 3000 dollars. The price increased significantly in early august and reached 3360$ by the 10th of august. The price continued to rise and by the end of the month, Bitcoin went to over 4700$.

Ethereum: In august 1st, 2017, Ether was trading at a price of 209$. The price had an explosive growth in early august and reached 301$ by the 10th. Just like bitcoin, the price continued to rise and by the end of the month, it reached the height of 383$.

Other Coins: Most of the coins followed the bitcoin price and their price movements were similar to how Bitcoin price moved. Back then, alt coins were heavily pegged to Bitcoin. Whenever Bitcoin price went up, the alt coins followed.

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Hi @ littleboy, so as compared to last year august, history should repeat itself in this August, but it did not happen which is not good sign for Bitcoin, i have lot of hopes that it will touch its all time high in November or December of 2018. Let see what happens next.