Nailed it, superior all the way!

Keep having fun @jamesford glad to hear you nailed it...

I meant you nailed it with this post, its all there. Good work

Nice! Saved for later and some learning curve processes! This may sound like a stupid question but I'm gonna ask it anyways........ When will we see Superior coin on sites such as Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations? How does this process work? Is it just too new or too small or doesn't fullfill the requirements .... help me out? I'm new and learning....... thanks to any and all answers.

CMC should be soon, we have hit the requirements and put in a request.

Last 3 links in this article will give updated review on values - similar to Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations.

This site is offering new apps, ecommerce, ecommerce plugins, marketing some have been rolled out and plenty in the pipeline, a roadmap is available on the site.

Being new it is a great place to learn about cryptocurrency, mining with many community members willing to help each other. Sign up (Affiliate Link)

Thank you!

informative post specially for us using kryptonia and supcoins. thank you for sharing this.

Glad you enjoyed it @bigmike420

lovely article, keep it up

I really like this post friend! keep up the good work!

Would love to see you in Kryptonia @kaleem345 I think your talents would be appreciated.

Come take a look (Affiliate Link)

thank you my brother i will try check

now brother i am registered

Will look out for you and follow you there, welcome and ask questions if you need any help.

ok brother thank you so much, i feel this same like steemit is true?

Great post and thanks for the info

Have a wonderful day @ianstevenson great support always.

Thanks, good post !

Thanks for extensive and excellent information. There is still something to learn ;-)

Plenty more to come, so a lot to still learn @bucipuci

Yes the listings are starting to arrive hard and fast now @joelaldrich

Good article and very informative.

This is helpful! Thank you @joanstewart

Appreciate feed back on articles @wilsonblue5

Very useful post thanks!

Thanks for positive comment @carface

Glad to see that Superior coin is still around. There was a big controversy at ICO stage and people were very upset.

Cannot linger in the past it is gone.
Hurt/Damage was done (in more ways than one), now being overcome.
Truth always wins over deceit and lies, it just takes time.
Superior Coin has/is reimbursing anyone with their original receipt of purchase from those very bad ICO days.

Very useful information,great work resteeming.

Your support and feed back is appreciated @dhaneshpk

Great post, I'm still learning on how can I use the wallets to mine. Resteem your post and saved too. Thank you for this.😊

So glad it helped you @triggerlove2009 have a wonderful day.

absolutely fantastic and very informative. thank you so much for your support it truly means a lot. DISCLOSURE: I'm project manager for superior coin.

Very excited to see this coin lift off, love the community ideas.

Great post! I can use this as guide.Thank you for the info.:)

Makes you feel good to help others when it comes to some of these tools available @jasonbejero

nice one....thanks for sharing

Comments always appreciated @deemmosqueda

i am so inlove with this coin... SUP to the 🌙

Slow, but steady, blast off has begun @psychkrhoz


Well, it seems I have a lot of reading to do. I have to study this. Thanks for sharing. Will resteem this.

Join and learn, ask questions and plenty of people are happy to help. A lovely group building this coin @avon.grace

Make a lot of sense. Very good article, task complete

Thanks for visiting from Kryptonia @grace234

It's great to see such posts and to know that there are wallet that we can store our steem in securely. Great informative post.

Web Wallet offers a place to earn interest on Superior Coin balance monthly. Web Wallet can also look after your Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero. If you would like to store Steem you will need to ask @solomonsel thanks for reading.

Thanks for the shoutout broer. It was a pleasure reading.

I have been doing this for a little while now too.
Its great to see you such an awesome fan!

Will be awesome to watch this grow.

It is growing all the time, the team is awesome and keeps you up to date with all the new apps and additions as they happen.

Totally going to be following it even more closely now.

Thanks for the info. very helpful
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