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RE: Addiction to Cryptocurrencies Creates Greater Momentum Than Technological Advancement

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Whenever we win in a coin, we become extremely happy but we ignore the fact that this money is the one which is lost by someone else. They may be the noobs or may be the ones who trusted that currency a lot and now their faith might have been broken, they might have been all upset, sad and frustrated .

But we are enjoying. This has been happening from ages actually. This is the way money circulates. Someone needs to loose for someone else to win. Someone needs to be poor for someone else to be rich. If everyone would be rich, the world would still be a havoc. When no one would be found to drive your taxis and no one would be found to clean your houses.

We always talk about removing poverty, I wonder how the world would become if there would be no poor !!!



Someone doesn't need to lose for someone else to be rich. The abundance on earth has been going up steadily the last 200 years. But we always want more. More abundance is created every single day. But we compare ourselves to the people at the top and then you feel poor. But if everyone play the win-win game then everyone actually can win. Abundance is real.

Anyone can go make a website and start making money instantly. This is a reality 2018 and has been for the last 20 years. Poverty is being removed every single day. Abundance is spreading to every single group. The old systems are failing. If I go make a bunch of money that doesn't take away from someone else. More value is actually being created.

If everyone would be rich the world wouldn't be a disaster. Things are becoming better when people get into a better economical position. Even robots will do the work for us in the future so we will have even more free time. We are going towards zero poverty eventually.

Yes I agree to you BUT it would all be possible only when such robots would be created. Else we would find no one to do the labor work if no one would be poor. Who would do the low categorized chores?


Since the world population has been having an exponential growth it will take some time to take everyone up to abundance level. Doing chores for most people is no issue. It's just that we have to find a way to create a world where people feel appreciated for the work that they do. And that they live under good conditions. People want to feel loved and then they will do the work needed. But this will take a long time. Good work needs to be rewarded faster and easier. I see people do good work when I'm out and I would love to have an easy way of be able to reward them. And these systems are coming.

Love is a currency that everyone can share more of. It's just that the mindset in humans need to shift a bit. It's happening on a yearly basis but you have to look at it in a longer time frame to see the progress we are making. 1 big issue here is that people have to become humble since the old ways of doing things are constantly changing. Humans are capable of doing amazing things when you bring them up.

You're right. This is like the law of conservation of energy. To make someone richer, someone else must lose. Someone loses not much, someone loses everything that he had.
A sense of ownership always comes first. The feeling of sharing with others goes next. Apparently the poor must wait for the hour when the rich will come to share their wealth with the poor.

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