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Let’s start to define a niche in a traditional way.

A niche is concentrating your efforts in marketing on a small and specific segment of the population. A niche market will focus by identifying the needs for a product or a service that is not being addressed by mainstream providers.

We can also define as a micro marketing. The advantage of establishing a niche is being alone and other small business will not know and the big companies will never bother with it.

The real trick is to find and develop a market niche that has customers who are accessible that is growing fast and that is not owned by one established vendor already.

In 2018 the best niche is Cryptocurrencies no more to look for products send emails, create landing pages, use Autoresponder to write letters after letters.

We are not imicromarketingng but a worldwide exchange of coins to make money.

No need gurus to join and pay their useless services. We don’t need to promote a product and a business that is not yours. No need to search customers.

Keep your money and invest wisely in the crypto market.

Once you start, you would need to learn and learn which need a lot of time investment. When you have enough knowledge, it is time to make your first step to choose a coin carefully by investing a small amount to exercise, which means buy & sell online.

Prudence is the key.

Many newcomers in their venture fail to understand the importance of this market, but realize it only after losing a great deal of money.

2018 is a new start for crypto currencies, more people talks & interested, more governments are involved more excitement is going to help to grow this market no doubt.

What a fantastic opportunity for 2018?

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