The Cryptocurrency League Table & Some T-Shirts

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I decided to add a few Cryptocurrency League T-Shirt Lists.

To my Amazon Merch T-Shirt Collection.

For those outside the Magical Mystery Cryptocurrency Circle.

There is only Bitcoin.

For the insiders, Cryptos are fast becoming a halfway house,

between, full blown Cyber Religions and Hard Core Fan Following Football Teams.


Fanatics on all sides screaming their sides on.

And trying to turn a Fast Eddie Fiat buck at the same time.

At the moment the focus is on the Neymar of the Cryptocurrency League , Dan Latimer.


Who has played with the middle table hopefuls Bitshares and the up and coming Steem team.

He then left and signed up for the new Cryptocurrency Galácticos. The Dream Team EOS.

Is it all just Vaporware or will it surpass the Mighty Mythical Genesis Team Bitcoin.


Only time and a Tsunami of gambled Fiat will tell.

Get yourself a T-Shirt, sit back and enjoy the Wild River Ride.

"Turn on, tune in, drop out"

And Remember.............


Start Spending those Bitcoin Satoshi Digital crypto Coins!

Save 15% Off Amazon using Bitcoin"


Get yourself a standout Cryptocurrency T-Shirt Bargain!

Bitcoin Waves Ethereum T-Shirt:

Bitcoin Crypto League T-Shirt:

Self Delusional T-Shirt:

Crypto League T-Shirt![crypto-league.JPG]

Dial Earth T-Shirt:

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