Opportunity in Precious Metals/Cryptocurrencies

in #cryptocurrencies4 years ago (edited)

I think there is a real opportunity for some of the players in the cryptocurrency and precious metals arena!
There are many people like me that are very interested and investing in both cryptocurrencies and precious metals. (Anything that is not controlled by the worlds Rothchild Central Banks)
I'm an "old fart" and not a computer geek so I certainly don't know the obstacles involved in what I'm proposing.
The opportunity I'm suggesting is an exchange, website, or whatever that would allow me to freely exchange between precious metals and crytocurrencies without going to fiat as interim step!
I think the acceptance of this would be overwhelming!!!!


I believe you can purchase precious metals at Miles Franklin with Bitcoin.

That's true; as well as Provident. But it's only one way; can't sell gold or silver for bitcoin or ethereum!