Documentary Journal Thursday 30th November 2017 (translated post)

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Florent is a #CryptoSurvivor !


Saturday 25th November I went to les Hauts-de-France (Northern part of France) at Florent’s for a Bambukah’s style interview.
You can find him here (French speaking) :

and there (French also) :

It has been quite a striking day, on various aspects :

  • The Crypto-desktop/Youtuber install rocks ! Mining here, staking there and therefore masternoding thanks to the generated gains. That looks like a virtuous circle to me !

  • Since he’s affected by a genetic disorder (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrom or ESD) he cannot work so he crypto-survives by mining, staking and trading.
    Respect… #CryptoSurvivor is in da house !

  • His girlfriend suffers from the same disease and her little girl of 4 has the same condition too. But as if it wasn’t enough the kiddo also has cystic fibrosis.
    … and here comes a new insight into what we call luck…

That makes quite a lot of expenses for a household without any income. Allowances are simply not enough. That’s the reason why they started to make money with crypto… basically because they needed to.

I vote Yea ! I support ! I even admire !

Buy cryptocurrencies, invest in staking, make your computer mine and earn money !
Go for it !
Here lies the true usefulness of the machine : in the first place, it was supposed to help us save time but took away a lot of jobs in the process, now, it can make us earn money by working for us.
The way I see it, it’s a fair turnabout.

I know that doubt or even guilt may sneak in and make you wonder about the legitimacy of all this. « How come making money without working could ever be righteous ? »
Well, it is actually. That’s what wealthy people do and have been doing for ages.
Beware of clichés and propaganda about Labour and Work. Remember where was written « Work sets you free »…


It has been a while now that capital pays more than work!

"Capitalists earn what they spend, and workers spend what they earn."

Michał Kalecki

This opportunity to generate gains with cryptocurrencies is delightful. It sheds a new light on income. Not that capital income is a new phenomenon (I’m talking about staking and masternoding which are basically like a bank account generating interests), but now it is accessible to merely everyone (including underprivileged people) and above all, without losing part of it to any third party.

Cryptocurrencies may very well interfere in the topic of Universal or Basic revenu whatever you call it.

The issue of this new subsistence culture will be tackled in my on going documentary about cryptocurrencies.

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Thanks ! upvoted and resteemed!

Tks ! I'll try to find some time to sub the interview :)

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