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Who am I ?

Hi, my name's Emir, I'm a filmmaker, currently working as production supervisor (MOOCs and Corporate Films)

I discovered cryptocurrencies about 18 months ago. I invested a lot of time and efforts (and a little money too) in order to understand more about this phenomenon. There is different reasons why people get involved in crypto. If I must admit an increase in wealth would be more than welcome, what appeals to me the most is nonetheless cypherpunk views on which Bitcoin has been created and potential society remodeling cryptocurrencies may imply.

So I decided to make a documentary on this topic.


The objective of this documentary is to make an assessment of what cryptocurrencies and blockchains have to offer and question the possibility of mass adoption regarding technological and ideological impediments.

The film aims to popularize cryptocurrencies on the one hand, and to raise and discuss issues on the other hand.

The vulgarization part will aim for an overall comprehension : provide specific vocabulary and clear explanations of the phenomenon so that the audience is able to grasp the intricacies and understand the disruptive changes decentralization can bring.

The questioning part aims to elaborate on the main issues raised by cryptocurrencies. Technological limitations, user protection, State regulation, fraud, speculation, so-called bubble... We'll try to analyze the whys and wherefores of the most common critisicms towards cryptocurrencies.

For who ? And for what ?

For who ? Ideally for everybody. Your Grand'ma, your neighbour, your friends, your co-workers...

We want to convey a more accurate idea about cryptocurrencies. Provide the words, explain as best as possible what is at stake and let people judge by themselves.

For what ? Mainly to clarify things. What we hear and read about crypto is either too simplistic and therefore incomplete or even wrong, or too technical and therefore dedicated to insiders already well aware of what is happening.

The angle we chose is the societal evolutions that may be triggered by decentralization, dematerialized payments and services or the transformation of trusted third parties, the best known of which being the banks.

In this capitalist/plutocratic world of ours, where money is the main lever on virtually every matters, our working hypothesis is that cryptocurrencies may play a big role in rebalancing the power struggle in favor of the powerless.

Progress report

The shooting has already begun. I’ve started the interviews in November 2017.

I’m also writing a blog as often as I can to keep everyone informed of the production’s progress. I figured that donors or sponsors might like to keep an eye on what I’m doing with their money.

Here is the blog :

Please upvote, resteem, comment and forward as much as you can :)

Money, money, money

A documentary about crypto, funded in crypto and that pays in crypto !

That’s the idea. Will it work ? It’s your call.

The target is 22.000€ (crypto equivalent)

This amount does not include any wage for me or amortization of my gear (but it does include the cost of labour for every people who may help). It’s dedicated for the following expense items :

  • SHOOTING : 8.000€

(Trips, accommodation, additional help)


  • POST-PRODUCTION : 11.000€

(Motion design, sound mixing, color correcting, subbing, music)

  • OTHER : 2.000€

(Unexpected expenses, additional help, communication expenses…)

A documentary about crypto, that aims to promote crypto and make this phenomenon more visible is a positive project. Besides, the community dimension being at the heart of cryptocurrencies’ concept, I believe a crowdfunding is all the more a relevant approach.

Act for crypto ! Fund this project !


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