What are Cryptocurrencies?

Hello Everyone!

As promised, here is the first video in our course, "The Cryptocurrency Value Investing Program."

I will be posting one video each Wednesday and answering questions in the comments below for those of you who have some. I would love to start some further dialogue on this topic.

In this video I will break down what cryptocurrencies are. This is a basic understanding of what cryptocurrencies (Digital Assets) are and how the function. We will cover them in more depth in module 2.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to comment below!

Enjoy my fellow Steemians!

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Anyone can millionaire easily with hold of Crypto currency


I don't think I could say that. Digital Assets are very volatile and come with a lot of risks. However, there is also a lot of upside potential to them, which helps to balance out the risk. Anyone who tells you that you can take $100 dollars and turn it into 1 million like they did, is most likely leading you down a path to failure. Thanks for checking out my videos. Check back next Wednesday for more.

hm, recently I ve been wondering whether we should call them cryptocurrencies. Cause words matter. What I find fascinating is that we still call crypto — coins — because that’s the language we’ve been using for 3000 years and we try to understand the new world with an old language. And we also try to crypto assets by applying the concepts, names that we already use even though if they don’t entirely fulfil their definitions. That’s why we are trying to find similarities between crypto assets and the real world that we know. And we are trying to give it the name that we know.
I wrote more here: https://hackernoon.com/cryptocurrencies-should-we-really-call-them-currencies-44a2f0ae5bc7
if you find the topic interesting. Curious to hear your thoughts!


Great point. It does get very confusing as many of them do not or were not intended to function as a currency. I like to use the term digital assets instead of cryptocurrencies. The reason I use this for the title of the video, is that most people have heard of cryptocurrencies and not digital assets. Great article btw!