Vechain (VEN) Bullish Inside bar break out/Flag break out. Looking to break highs!

in cryptocurrencies •  9 months ago

Hi Steemians,

7 Days ago we mentioned Vechain, and an inside bar and flag forming.

The flag/inside bar formation has now broken, we we're LONG on VEN inside the formation and have added to our long position now the pattern has been confirmed.

Stop loss is now 30,000 Sats with our Take profit target left open,

We are long and HODL on VEN

ven analysis.PNG

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That does look like a good time to buy. Only problem is that Bitcoin looks like it's heading down and it tends to drag the altcoins down with it. I'm holding back until it looks like Bitcoin has ended the bear run.


It does indeed. Im currently Short BTC but its looking a little strong today! Watching closely :)

Started Accumulating Vechain. Probably going to be one of my Long Term Hodls!


Definitiely a good call right now. We will watch how it reacts at $10 but i dont think it will have much of a problem smashing through it. VEN will be huge :)


For sure man!!! Gain train all the way to profit city! Choo choo!

Does VEN look like the coin part of your 12 month millionaire challenge?