CryptoBroye : Time Cycles and the reaction of the Financial Markets.

in cryptocurrencies •  9 months ago

Hi Steemians!

Ive just come across and extremely interesting chart drawn by Nikolai Kontradiev showing how cycles of time affect the financial markets, and the best investments in at , at what time based on historical records.

Below you can see what to expect in the near future based on history.

time cycle.PNG

The cycles of time video above is credit of and Gregg Braden

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Great find @cryptobroye. Interesting to see "Gold booms" during winter and summer, while unemployment is high and debt builds. Thank you for sharing.


Its not exactly a perfectly accurate graph to trade from but as you say, its extremely interesting to see how the cycles affect not only us but also our entire economy as a result!


By the way, winter and summer arent referred to here as our actual seasons, but of the cycle itself. Its a 45 year cycle in total.