NEVER Give Up!


Cryptocurrencies are a perfect example where people will be looking at you like you are a street tweaker and then suddenly your coins go hockey stick parabolic and then you are riding with the scissor doors up with a smug grin on your face.

My sister and her coworkers were making fun of me saying I just play on the computer all day.



I think playing on the computer all day is going to pay off big time over the coming months!

Yeah, in a lot of respects i don't feel like I'm grinding hard enough. It is going to be a big push to lock in all the gains.

Yep. The hardest part is going to be knowing when to lock in those gains. Do you sell some on the way up or do you wait to see the peak then try to get out quickly?!

😊 We agree on the same frequency of thoughts there @brianphobos
And thanks for everything as well.
And congrats about your success.
God bless you always. :D

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