My crypto portfolio - 7 months after, an update

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So... I just stumble upon a post I made 7 months ago with my portfolio by the time so... How does it look since I wrote last time about my portfolio?

This is not financial advice!

Now, I’m updating it and decided to make this small table to compare before and after.
Some of this investments I still holding, other sold, and have also some new crypto too!

Take a look:

7 Months ago (October 2017)Price Oct 1st, 2017Price May 14th, 2018Price Variation
Bitcoin Cash$428$1377221%
Ethereum Classic$12.82$17.7238%
Gamecredits (sold)$2.36$1.40-39%
Gulden (sold)$0.1226$0.0866-29%

New acquisitions:
Bought in January: EOS, NEO, Monero, NEM, VeChain, Binance Coin, Kyber Network, Substratum, TenX, INS Ecosystem
Bought in April: Cardano and OST
Bought this month: Ripple and Steem

If I’m not wrong, I have 26 different crypto. Do you think this is too much diversification? Oh, by the way, 90% of my savings are in crypto. Yeah!


I’m going to make new posts reviewing my portfolio every x months.

Annnnnd this is week is the Coindesk Consensus! How do you think this is going to impact crypto?

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I like your diversification. Wish I had that much in my portfolio. I think longrerm we are all going to do well as long as we don’t sell too soon

Thanks Jason. I don't have that much in value... but have been investing for more than one year and hodling

Slow and steady, you still probabaly have more holdings than 99% of the people out there

Interesting. I'd say it s a lot to keep track of. It's tricky to choose blockchains over currencies like Nano. I did a recent post about Proof of Stake recently. I'd like to put more into Ethereum, Eos, Steem and Stellar.

Zilliqa is also missing here. Look into this one for growth!

I'm going to check your PoS post.
Yeah... I know Ziliqa have been doing well...

Waiting for impact from Consensus. For now it's going bad. And your diversification is perfect. I always thought that it's better to hodl more crypto than 1-5

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How then do you cash out. Let's say to a bank account. Please i really need to know.

Well, I just try not to cash out. I cash out only if I really really need the money.

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