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Money is what the world moves it is the medium to transact and pay for services. We need banks to transfer money, get credit, pay for goods that we purchase and a host of other money related activities.
Thus banks have become an important cornerstone of our lives.
Yet they have changed little over time. They are rigid and procedural.
Most people find it difficult to deal with them. Going to a bank and using their services is a cumbersome chore.
Luckily with the advent of cryptocurrencies our world is being unified in a very unique way and blockchains give us a method to transact and become more transparent in operations and procedures.


In the light of these developments Crypterium is creating a decentralized contactless cryptobank. This would be a bank that anyone can use.
The best part is you may be a consumer, a merchant, borrower or lender, you no longer need to travel go to the bank.



Reach for your smartphone and open the Crypterium app and behold you are ready to shop and pay at 42 milion outlets worldwide. Is that not cool?

Hey if you are a business you can integrate your business POS machines with Crypterium's innovative solutions for merchants.


Need a loan no problem Crypterium's uses the Blockchain to create a state of the art credit rating system. So forget your old bank get a much better offer on taking loan credit from Crypterium's

The opportunities do not end here.
If you are a developer then you can use Crypterium's open API platform to develop financial centric apps. The whole approach is to take the use of cryptocurriencies to the masses and the common folks.


To fund this project Crypterium is currently having its ICO. "Crypterium is in the last stages of the token sale, having started on October 21st, and ending on Janurary 13th of 2018!"

More Information & Resources:

Crypterium WhitePaper
Crypterium Twitter
Crypterium BTCTalk
Crypterium Facebook
Crypterium Linkedin
Crypterium YouTube


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