time to buy & hodl- btc & xrp hodl is a Marathon Not a Sprint..

hi, everyone :)
it has been a long time and I wasn't that active lately, always nice to be back lol.
I do not(!) consider my self as an expert in the blockchain -but I truly love crypto and understand just about enough- not to "love" what Ripple XRP stands for or;
What the Elites Plan and Global Agenda for all of us(!?!) with the support of banks and xrp.... .
on the other side of the same coin, I can't ignore the huge potential for any investor to make a very big profit in 3 or 5 years time -for the exact same reasons!.
(love it or Hate it?-in the end of the day, we are all in for the money&opportunity! and it is o.k to admit so)

  • with the recent entry of BTC and altcoins to the gold&silver markets, the "Warm and positive" relationships between xrp and the banks(Come on, who are we kidding??)i truly think that we are way past" phase 1 " of ganging world economy(Once again), that probably started in 2006\8 (that is only my opinion, don't hate me for it :) )
    do you remember "Jekyll Island"?


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