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Hello steemians, i want to use this medium to introduce and sell ONE of our product to you guys as with time steemit and crypto world in general would need them and some are already using them to manage there organizations.

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...__enhancing efficiency to drive profitability__

It is true in small companies, large companies, and everywhere else that the right people make all the difference. A business by itself does not generate ideas, does not provide service, and by itself is neither innovative nor productive. People make all those things happen.

Liza Personnel application helps to integrate core employee management functions across your organization – providing you with the tools to hire, retain and develop the right people.
Unlike other HR management solutions in the market today, Liza Personnel is a single integrated application eliminating the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules. This enables you to decisively meet and respond to HR management challenges.

Focus on what matters most
In addition to driving more informed decision making, Liza Personnel reduces the time you and your team spend on clerical work. With decentralised information gathering, Liza Personnel eliminates redundant data entry, keeping you focused on the strategic tasks—such as improving service and developing programs that help you hire and retain the best talent.

Turn Chaos into Clarity
By centralizing all the current and historic information about active and non-active employees of the organization, Liza Personnel eliminates ambiguity. It gives you unmatched views of your workforce—at macro and micro levels—enabling you to securely share the data with executives and managers. The benefit? Precise, rich analytics that embolden your company leaders to make decisions based on facts rather than just instincts.

Someone might be interested in efficiency and sustainability

keep steeming @omardcam

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