Crypto Collider (JINGLE BALLS) Tournament Final results Table December 2016

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As Crypto Collider moved into the new tournament season and the last one of the year we experienced some nail biting action right up to the last game.

Lagmeister takes the crown as the winner of the Jingle balls tournament with an eye watering point score of 29,913

CJ takes second place after a great battle with Lagmeister for the pole position

3rd and 4th was another battle between Lazlo (lord of Ghost) and Merlinscat which was decided on the very last game

Markaz held good ground in 5th place by moving away from the chasing pack.

From 6th to 11th a position changing battle ensued right up to the final games

Big congrats to some of the new players that finished in the top ten, and a few that were on the brink.

Final Table and player positions

The next Tournament starts in January 2017 (date to be confirmed)

If you fancy smashing some Crypto balls around why not come over and say hi in the troll box

Jingle Balls Tournament Bitcoin Slammer action

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