This is so powerful and brings a big huge smile to my face right now! It is quite exciting to know that Japanese will know be able to access the fastest, most potent "crypto-currency-platform-decentralized-exchange" in the world!

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Were you involved with translating this @inoue -san? This is great news. We are going to see a lot more Japanese language adoption for crypto because of the Japanese market, it's red hot!

I'm very excited to be going home to Tokyo next week and seeing what is happening there!

Yes, I translated this all :)
Look forward to the growth of the cryptocurrency market in Japan!


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ouuuuhh YEAHH!!! Bitshares Power ON!!!

Thanksss !!
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Damn I like this gif are you a motion designer?

hello i am a graphic designer !!! no motion it was only a play