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CryptoBridge is a decentralized exchange (DEX) in the hands of BridgeCoin owners that supports trading of most popular altcoins


This is the first bi-weekly development update received from CryptoBridge and it tracks and reports on their progress toward their road map milestones.

  1. Refactored market maker payouts — COMPLETED
    We refactored our market maker payouts and are now paying out in BTC. We still have not yet paid out the March and April market maker rewards, so market makers can look forward. Historically we paid these out ever week, and plan to get back on track with that schedule over the next month.

  2. Updated Client — COMPLETED
    The updated client is complete and released and we will be making constant updates. We have received some great feedback and are working to incorporate all of your suggestions. Please keep them organized in the “suggestions” channel on our Discord server.

  3. The Community Bitshares Node Incentive Program — IN PROGRESS (release postponed)
    The technical aspects of the program are complete, but we need to work through the funding model and are not able to fund the program until July.

  4. DOGE deposits and withdrawals — COMPLETED
    Today we reopened DOGE deposits and withdrawals. Yeah!

  5. New Website — IN PROGRESS (2 weeks behind schedule)
    The new website is 90% complete and will be released the second week of June.

  6. Ethereum integration — IN PROGRESS (Ahead of schedule)
    Ethereum integration is on the road map for June, but we are ahead of schedule.

  7. Mobile Apps for Android and iOS — IN PROGRESS (Ahead of schedule)
    We were planning the release of our mobile apps in July, as outlined in the road map. However, we are ahead of schedule and will be releasing our mobile apps in June!

  8. Tranquility — IN PROGRESS
    Tranquility is a development stage intended to increase our security and “peace of mind” in many areas of the business. Most specifically, it is focused on a movement “to the cloud.” We are on track.

  9. Referral link program — POSTPONED to July
    We are excited to re-instate of referral link program. We cannot however, fund the program until July, so are bumping its delivery back until then.

  10. BlockFolio integration — IN PROGRESS
    For many reasons, we need to develop our end point APIS. This includes the ability for apps like Blockfolio to access our order book data. We are on track to complete this as scheduled, in June.

We will publish another development update in 2 weeks, and every 2 weeks, as we make and report the progress toward our goals and milestones. Please feel free to engage with us on our Discord channel, ask questions, make comments, and give us your suggestions for how we can give you the best trading experience possible.


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