Beer Review - Hutsul Craft Brewery "Tsypa" - 380


Caramel, near-ruby Double IPA brewed at a new brewery with extreme bitterness - 385 IBU

The aroma is a mixture of caramel, baking, toffee from malt and coniferous, spicy hints of hops.

On the palate, hop syrup is only slightly supported by malt sweetness from caramel malts.

The low level of carbonation, slightly tingling the tongue, and the taste is long, long, very confident bitterness turning into a warming alcohol "barleywine-ish", but dry and strict, long aftertaste.

Recommended for pork, sheep kebab, medium rare steak

OG 19.2P
FG 5.4P
Alcohol 7.8% ABV
Bitterness 385
Limited brew - 1000l

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looks great, that's a beer!

I have tested "Tsypa" - 220 on this New Year. For those, who do not know what IBU means, it is "International Bittering Units". The more IBU the more bitter beer. And some scientists claim the human tongue can only discern differences in taste up to 110 IBUs. That is why most beer has IBU from 5 to 120. So it was interesting for me to check how bitter "Tsypa" - 220 is. And untill that moment I just could not imagine that beer can be so bitter! I need to take a break after half of 0.33 bottle :) And I must say such beer is definitely NOT for women - it is for crazy real men :) And now we have "Tsypa" - 380... Now it becomes interesting how many men can find difference between "Tsypa" - 220 and "Tsypa" - 380 :) @rollie1212, can you ? !BEER

It’s so damn bitter man... like a hop syrop.. u definitely need to try it. I’m very happy for this batch !

385 IBU

That’s crazy. I’ve only rarely seen beers above 90.

Give that man a !BEER

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