“That’s so CRYPTIC! (New Crypto Art!!!)” by Richard F. Yates

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Greetings folks,

It’s Saturday, and I spent today working on ART junk! I cut up a bunch of cardboard boxes that I’d been stockpiling (some came from my older daughter, who dropped a bag of cardboard boxes off a few weeks ago), which I will eventually use for drawings and other art bits. Today, though, I drew on a teeny tiny piece of cardboard and on my thumbnail. Then, I photographed and digitally manipulated these drawings, ending with TWO works of crypto art (and two written things, which are both odd, but hopefully funny!!!)

THEN I sent the works to MakersPlace where they were tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain as unique digital collectibles! Each one is being issued a single time, will not be reprinted, and are available on a first come, first served basis! Once they’re gone…they’re gone… (It’s kind of sad, really. But is anything ever TRULY gone, when it comes to the internet? Yes. Some things are…) To see these or any of my other fancy digital works in their natural habitat, check out my MakersPlace store / slash / gallery! It’s like dipping your head into a steaming bowl of idiosyncratic outsider soup! (But in a GOOD way…)

Here are the two new pieces along with the “descriptions” that I provided:


“It’s Really More of a Thumbnail Sketch”
its really more of a thumbnail sketch  peg.jpg
[Highlighter and ultra fine point Sharpie on thumbnail, with digital embellishments and colors. 2020.]

When I eat oranges, the peels stain my fingers and nails, and they make me smell like citrus. The Moon doesn't like that scent. In addition, the tiny demon that lives in my thumbnail and would rather have blood than oranges---although he likes Doritos, too---gets really angry and tries to escape. (We hope this never happens.)

Treat yourself kindly. Eat oranges, even if they stain your fingers and make you smell like cleaning products and piss off fingernail demons. Oranges are good for you! Blah! Blah! Blah!!!


“Liberty…And Then It Was Gone”
liberty 1  cha  peg.jpg
liberty 2  cha  peg.jpg
This little figure clearly lives in a (very tiny) dystopian future---with rather poor resolution. (Poor guy.) See what MIGHT happen if we don't do the things that we need to do to keep things like this from happening! It's SO important. (I can't stress it enough.)

Hopefully, this conceptual micro-piece has given you a tiny bit to think about! Don't let THIS happen to US!!! (Whatever it is that happened...but, whatever it was, we all know it was BAD...)

[P.S. - Having visions is fun!]

[P.P.S. - These images are ultra fine point Sharpie on found cardboard with digital embellishments, "animated" with a free, online gif animator program.]


That’s it for this batch of crypto bits! Like I mentioned above, check out my MakersPlace store / gallery to see all the other weird, fun stuff there! I bet you’ll chuckle, at least a bit---or say to yourself, “I could do THAT!” And, if you do say this to yourself, then I seriously recommend that you DO IT! I love seeing other people’s artwork, too, so let me know if you have crypto art of your own available! (Drop a link in the comments!!!)

Okay, now I’m going to watch some more of The Mandalorian... Later!

---Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)



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