Orb Over The City

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Strange lights above the city glow, what could this orb be communicating to us? Maybe it wants to tell you that my new piece of tokenized art called Orb Over The City is now on SuperRare. The digital artwork is an animated gif, and was created from digital adaptations of my own photographs and collagraph print.


'Orb Over The City'


You can find Orb Over The City on SuperRare.


Some of my other pieces on SuperRare


You can find more of my rare digital art for sale on SuperRare and KnownOrigin.

What is Rare Digital Art?

Rare digital art, aka crypto art, is limited-edition collectible art cryptographically registered with a token on the blockchain. Blockchain technology allows unique, provably-scarce tokens to be held and securely traded from one collector to another.

Source: https://superrare.co/about


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Beautiful composition, @opheliafu. The combination of colors in that purple and flaming orb was spectacular. It gives it a deserved protagonism, I loved it. A hug.

Thank you @aurodivys, yes the colours are beautifully rich.

Indisputable that the orb is the central image of this work! The colours, their luminosity. The static windows show a black and white world that breathes outside. Extraordinary image superrare, @opheliafu. ;)

Thank you for the kind words @nancybriti. It took a while to get a balance between the bright colours of the orb being a focal point without overpowering the image.

Very nice my friend. Enjoy your artistry and style

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