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Today, I tokenized on SuperRare a new piece of crypto art called Close, a digital artwork that is held in an Ethereum wallet. The piece is an animated gif created using digital adaptations of a dark-field monotype print that I made.


Original monotype print and plate the piece was developed from.

pink inkmarks.png



You can find Close on SuperRare.


Some of my other pieces on SuperRare


About SuperRare

What's the motivation behind the project?

Our mission is to help artists make a living on the internet. The world needs more art, and we believe that artists should be able to make a living doing what they love. We think the ability to secure a percentage of secondary-market revenue for artists is one of the most revolutionary and exciting capabilities provided by Ethereum smart contracts. It’s analogous to a musician receiving a percentage of sales for a vinyl record issued, say, in the 1960s and still being bought and sold in used record stores today.



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⚡$$$ Tipped @opheliafu ⚡100.00000000 SWIFT! If you don't know how I work, reply help! Currently the price of SwiftCash in the market is $0.0034 USD per SWIFT. Current value of the tip is $0.3400 USD. To find out more about SwiftCash, please read our whitepaper!

I'm hoping to be approved with my art in super rare soon, guess long did it take you? I'll check your stuff out.

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I can't remember exactly- but it wasn't immediate, took a little while. It's a great site to be on, have you looked at KnownOrigin and Makers Place too?

@opheliafu I admire your work and how creative you are, you are an exceptional professional.
An indeal creation for this platform. Congratulations
I wish you an excellent weekend


Very kind @jlufer, thank you.